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The action of leading a group of people or an organisation, or the ability to do this

We specialise in leadership development - specifically in helping leaders with change programmes and identifying and growing talent.


Philosophically we believe that leadership is a combination of both Science and Art.  

What does that mean exactly?

There are elements of leadership that can be researched - measured, tried and tested concepts/theories and principles that can be applied. The schools of psychology provide some sound basic tenants on how we are likely to behave and interact with others - depending on our ‘traits’ or ‘type’.  We believe that it is important for people to understand these aspects about themselves. Self insight leads to improved performance and moreover a great understanding of others and how best to inspire others. Leaders should enable others to be the best that they can be.


However, leadership is not all about science. It also about Art. We encourage people to bring something of themselves to the role of leader and the situations that they find themselves in as leaders. This means being authentic, being creative and using their own individual flair.


It is this combination or blend that we help individuals discover, and, perhaps more importantly, find practical, beneficial ways of using these insights.


Our work is tailored to individual client needs  and our service proposition usually revolves around the following areas:


- leadership development

- bespoke talent development programmes

- individual Executive Coaching

- facilitated team development

- designing and supporting organisational change initiatives 

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