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A thing forming a complex whole

We believe in keeping things simple, memorable and most of all practical. We believe in challenging thinking - and providing practical frameworks for leaders to use back in their ‘real world’ of work.


Simplicity drives complexity - and not the other way around.


We aim to underpin all that we do with experiential activity. Simply because we know that learning works best when it is fun but also when it appeals to both the rational and emotional parts of the brain. Learning is multi-layered to reflect real world experiences. At work it is impossible to separate task, people and the business. This is how we approach programme design with our clients.


We use media such as photography and film to help underpin learning - making the learning more sticky and memorable.

We have shot a number of short films for our clients to help support the business and underpin the learning messages.


We also believe that learning never stops! In our world, age and position know no boundaries to learning.  Learning is matter of importance for all.


"When exploring executive coaches, I was looking for someone who could play many roles over a period of time and flex as my needs changed; an honest broker who would help me recognise and determine strategies for particular areas, and who had a combination of solid theoretical knowledge alongside real practical experience across sectors and organisation cultures. Jonathan was all of those things and brought innovative and creative ideas to the scenarios I presented. After five years I consider him a trusted confidante and couldn't recommend him too highly"

Tracy Garrard

CEO at First Direct

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