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Works produced by human creative skill and imagination

"Change 2 have developed innovative and robust learning solutions for our leadership teams having spent time with our business to fully understand the culture and our business needs"


Change 2 Limited was incorporated in 2002. We are passionate about ensuring that the work that we do with businesses and individuals makes a difference.


Our backgrounds are in the Corporate business world working both in operations and as learning and development/change management specialists. These businesses varied in size and scope - being a blend of FTSE 100, consultancy practices and start-up businesses. We have never forgotten our roots and believe that this gives us great empathy and connectivity to individuals at all levels working in the ever increasing complex business world.


Our approach is always to start with the business strategy. We believe that all learning and development activity should be linked to and fully aligned to the business strategy wherever possible.


We take the view that it is key to wire things up for all using a simple but highly effective business framework focussing on the external environment, overall direction and the internal alignment.

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